Wednesday, August 25, 2010

List of Eight Google Analytics Facts

Web Analytics are tools that help define and understand search engine optimization. The keywords you put in are jewels you want to decipher and get to know about. Their efficacy is something that you feel like gauging on. The analytics help you do that. They help you know about the search engines which give your website the finest of traffic. They help you research for data and streamline it. Researching the right data will push your SEO campaign tenfold and bring out the best in it. In Google Analytics, there are around 8 Analytics Reports that you help you go ahead with your job and make you do it effortlessly. They have been given below.

1)      Search Engine Organic Reports: These reports allow you to create segments in the data through advanced segment tools. These segments are organic search segments that help in getting insights into the data. Things are pre configured and they have to be activated in the advanced segments area. There are three major search engines where this data can be found. These are notably yahoo, Google and MSN. The metrics help in analyzing the bounce rate, goal conversion rate and the number of unique visits.        
2)      Keyword Organic Report: This report, an integral part of the Analytics Reports, helps in getting to know all the good keywords to be put into use. The keywords that are best performers, the highly converting ones, the aggressive ones and the result yielding ones are all taken care of well.
3)      Top 5 Keyword Report: This Google Analytics feature help in underlining the highest performance keywords. The tool helps in telling about the keywords that perform best and happen to be the most efficient ones as well. The top 5 keywords are literally taken out of context and showcased so that they can be considered for further usage.
4)      Organic Search Traffic Share Report: This tool helps in tracking the number of organic searches performed on the website. The tool is important in knowing how well is the website being received and how robust is its capacity to perform. IT also helps in determining conversion rates.
5)      Reports vs Organic Search: The tool is very influential in getting to know about reports and organic searches and most importantly, in drawing a comparison between them. The reports and the organic searches between which a comparison can be drawn are taken into cognizance. They help in knowing which happens to be the better performer.       
6)      A report on Google AdWords: Google Analytics working on this helps in tracking specific data from the AdWords and allows it in the reports. The highly targeted keywords can be located and worked upon. Again, the same metrics can be looked at just like the ones above: Bounce Rate, Goal Conversion Rate, Unique Visits and Total Number of Searches done.     
7)      Internal Search Engine Reports: The reports prepared by the search engines internally are calculated through the analytics. They help in tracking how good is the perception of the search engine about the website and help in laying down parameters of success.   
8)      Organic Mobile Reports: The last are the organic mobile reports. When an SEO campaign is being performed, these reports propel the effect of the campaign further. They ensure timely reports coming onto the mobile phone and also make it a point to see it that the reports are organized and delivered well.    

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some of the Finest Twitter Innovations and Applications

Twitter has been one of the best social media innovations in recent times. The social networking portal has allowed web users to connect to wider strata of people. Powering this equation are the various tools invented through Twitter that have also become an integral part of it. The ‘Tweet Adder’ is the first and the most fascinating one. It helps add up people to your Twitter account with whom you would want to interact and talk to. The tools help users getting in tens of thousands of followers in a very short amount of time. The next in line would be the ‘Tweetomatic Profiteer’. This tool is effortless, a push button program allowing you to leverage both Twitter and Clickbank. In case you happen to be indulging in a lot of internet marketing, then this tool might be the one profiting you most.  

The ‘Twitter Hummingbird’ is another fantastic invention to have been made an integral part of the Twitter bandwagon. This again helps in getting in a lot of traffic and people start coming in very high numbers with this software being put to use. The ‘Twitter Turbo Cash Generator’ helps you in generating a lot of income. It helps in generating a lot of lead and potentially thousands of dollars in income and sales. If you have ever thought of making money through Twitter Software, this is the tool for you. Then there is the ‘Twitter Marketing Tool’. This tool helps you determine how well you are able to market your product and take its popularity to multiple levels. The tool is one of the finest marketing tools on the block and augurs well for a lot of situations. 

It is good to use these and ensure one achieves the objectives that one sets out to.   

Monday, August 23, 2010

Importance of Google Local Search Engine Listing

What is the importance of Google Local Search Engine Listings? Are they really that important? Do they really make a difference to the overall scheme of things and make the search better? In a certain way, they do! The Local Search Engine Listings presented by Google is one of the most coveted and admired listing in that particular area. This is because whatever the area might be, all the information within that area is displayed without any mistake in that search listing. One does not have to try too hard and figure out what the listings show because they already present things clearly.

Google has devised this innate feature where they present things with a lot of precision. Not only has Google come out with a scintillating feature like the Local Search Engine Listing, but has invented it in such a way that it provides holistic search results to the one doing the search within his geographical area and trying to find out the best possible search result on the given topic.

Google and its local search engine listing feature have been subjected to a lot of praise by web users across the world. People have been able to find out everything they ever need with the search and search results being complete from all corners. The search listings have ensured that people are able to get hold onto everything they ever need and are able to carry out their search in the finest of manners. They are able to go about doing the same in a very holistic way and have been thoroughly independent in finding out whatever the requirement has been. The importance has been phenomenal and has ensured that people get hired and get to do a search on all that they think of doing.   

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SEO is for Small Organization - True or False?

To say that SEO is for small organizations, it would be a little unfair and partisan. Every organization has a preference towards paid services like PPC, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. All of these in a way are a part of SEO. So whether small companies use the service or big organizations buy it, hardly makes a difference. The process remains where it is. All companies need this service. They advertise through PPC, promote their products through online marketing and do a lot of digital marketing so that the consumer base is able to notice the product well and shows interest in buying it.

SEO involves a lot of factors that do not see the magnitude of the organization. Link building is a facet from these services. It involves networking. Now whether the website is big or small, it does not count. What counts is the number of links it has. Similarly, PPC too is another factor. This is paid advertising. Websites and keywords are advertised in front of the world through this and shown to everyone. Again, the size of the company does not matter because whether big or small, the advertising has to happen.

All websites do digital marketing. This is where all the visibility and exposure is available, and sensing this opportunity, websites use the process extensively. The number of products that are digitally marketed everyday over the web run into millions. How can they all be start ups or highly lasting products?

These services are required across an entire spectrum of organizations. Big, small, medium all need these services to showcase themselves and attain exposure in front of a wide audience. You will go nowhere if you start debating on which is good for what! There are a lot of services at one’s disposal, just use them and ensure that you do good marketing.

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Search Consultancy - Search Engine Consultancy Company

First Search Consultancy is a search engine consultancy firm that is operating out of the UK and provides high end business centric SEO Consultancy services. First Search Consultancy is a Search Engine Company that has been in this domain for the last many years and providing value added search engine optimization services to many websites. Its services has affected many websites and changed their fortunes, helped them draw business and assisted them in making inroads towards better business opportunities and proposals.

First Search Consultancy has been a trusted search engine company for a long time now. The company has catered to clients across a wide spectrum of industries such as hospitality, healthcare, BFSI, Wine and Spirits etc. It has helped them establish a strong repertoire over the web and assisted their website in attaining a good search engine ranking. The firm is a people’s firm. In case an organization cannot prioritize a full time outsourcing arrangement, then the SEO Consultancy services of the firm can always be hired. These services involve website consultation regarding its betterment and features that would help in bettering its current web prospects.

The consultancy services are very pertinent to the point. There is nothing to beat around the bush. Methods regarding website optimization, features that would make the website do well and maneuvers that would add to its credibility are passed on as advice for incorporation and implementation. The consultation happens crisply and not much time is wasted ion preparing a plan and then allocating. Things are communicated quickly after FSC studies the website thoroughly and does a SWOT Analysis. This helps in ascertaining the needs of the website and ensuring that it is dealt with well. Every client whom FSC has advised has built a very robust and sustainable website.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Link Building Services: Quality or Quantity?

One of the biggest misconceptions whilst building links is that quantity scores over quality. More the links are the better will the SEO be. It is incorrect, a fallacy and a result of wrong research and gossip. Say this to a veteran SEO expert and you will draw a belly laugh. All links created are not equal. There are websites thriving with lesser links than the ones loaded with links. Google gives importance and significance to quality links. Links that have no substance are futile. They hold no water in the eyes of the search engine.

Link building is smartly acquiring a few quality links which serve the purpose well. The website under the hammer needs three to four quality based links that will help it connect well with the rest of the world. If these websites have a strong visitor base, then the same base can be directed towards the site. This will invariably bring it a lot of crowd.

Old links are weeds. These cogs are detrimental towards the growth of the website. They have to be taken out. The older they are, the poisonous they become. When you weed them out, you take out vermin from the system which preys on the resources. New links have to be brought in, and should be from the websites that have been highly acclaimed. When this happens, it ensures that the website will continue drawing traffic in huge numbers.        

Quantity should come in as a substitute where quality fails, something that happens rarely. When the amount of quality links you connect to your website fail to deliver, the number has to be substantially increased. The increase ensures that the website remains extensively connected and is visited by a lot of people. It will also get the popularity it deserves.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future of Search Engine Optimization Services

Several doubts have been raised over the future of search engine optimization. It is important to clear the air. This process has been vital in changing the fortunes of many websites, and a sudden disappearance would have massive ramifications. Google has always focused highly on relevance, and SEO is directly involved in that. Relevant results can only be calculated and ranked when the process in itself is highly relevant. As long as that remains the criteria, search engine optimization is as safe as it can be.

There is another way of survival. Search engine optimization ought to be diverted towards other aspects of a website. Even if high rankings are achieved for competitive keywords bringing in a lot of traffic, the website might not be good overall. This way, money cannot be made at all. So, search engine optimization helps in ensuring that all aspects of the website are taken care of well and it gets an overall optimization campaign. It helps in making money.

Generally, more and more websites are joining the bandwagon these days. More the websites, intense the competition becomes. Now with a heavy influx of websites, it has to be ensured that the optimization is being done well everywhere. Good search engine optimization ensures that the websites are in a position of doing good business. When money keeps coming in, then the value of the process automatically goes up.

The services are going nowhere because websites will always be there and work will always be have to be done on them. If the process goes out of commission, then there will have to be a solid replacement for it. Else, any thoughts of website optimization can safely be waved goodbye. If the process is not there, then results too cannot just show up. So its importance automatically gets solidified.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is SEO? Redefined by First Search Consultancy

You may have been an SEO Consultant yourself for the past many years, but have you taken out time to understand what SEO is really about? Well, to just say that SEO is all about website optimization and getting it a high rank on the search engine result pages would be missing out on a lot of other undertones. The definition mentioned above applies, but a lot of other things also do. First search Consultancy is an SEO Services provider which has over the years redefined the role of this process in optimizing websites and getting them high ranks over the search engines. 

There are more than 900,000 websites in the category where your website ranks. If your site is not visible on the first page, then it is tantamount to a non-existent entity. It is as good as a ‘nobody’. SEO takes your website to the top. In its new avatar, the process also gives your website a definition and identity over the web. The search engine and the visitors on the site start associating it with all the organic and white hat SEO methods used. It is perceived as a bona fide entity. First Search Consultancy does the SEO in its own way with the aim being high optimization and equal recognition.     

First Search Consultancy lays down a new meaning for SEO and ensures that the website done up by it reflects that notion. SEO is not just a process but an entire gamut of various features that add a lot of value to the website and help it revamp its public perception as well. The approach and strategy with which the work is done defines SEO at First Search Consultancy and ensures its solidity. The process indeed has a different meaning in different scheme of things and accounts for a lot of versatility.   

Monday, August 9, 2010

Custom Web Development Service by First Search Consultancy

Web development is being done all over the world, but only those still do it exceptionally well which operate from lands where web development originally picked up. The UK is one of the first places where web development originally picked up and services were started. All the service providers that have come up over the years take a lot of pride in the pedigree they have and the legacy that has been left behind them to be emulated. Web development services still drive the software industry in the UK and ensure growth and solidity. They are for websites that want to do well over the search engines and help them in achieving that goal. Over the years, the web development industry in the UK has seen a lot of changes and the services to put it in technology ‘lingo’ have become customized.

Custom web developments are reference to services that get customized according to the needs mentioned by the client. First search consultancy is one of the many firms in the UK that provides customized web development services. Client requirements are listened to and understood very well after which the project begins. The features such as source and program code that go into the project are the ones that the client asks for. This way, the clients gets everything that is asked for and the website is developed the way in which he wanted it to be. This augurs well for the whole set up for the fact the website is done in an identical way in which it was supposed to be and the end results that come in are in cognizance to the request made.

First Search Consultancy pioneers this cause and ensures sound delivery of the service. The service will definitely be the best one can ask for.

Friday, August 6, 2010

How Can You Make A Bright Career in SEO?

Does SEO offer a career to web specialists? Can people ever contemplate earning a living by optimizing websites? Can one ever think of a bright future in SEO? Facts say that SEO has rapidly grown into a self sustaining industry over the past decade and has become so huge that it is there to stay. As long as websites keep getting launched and existing ones keep fighting for search rankings supremacy, SEO Services will always be in demand. An SEO career is never far away if websites keep pouring in and optimization work is always on the move. Search engine optimization will constantly be performed on a website so that it does exceptionally over the web and gets a good rank.      

You have to learn all the features in SEO. An SEO Career would demand intense concentration of you. You have to be very agile while going through a website about all the work that has to be done on it. You have to be quick in your analysis about the features that would work on it. You have to be spot on about the features that you would put to work and finally, have to constantly monitor the results that your work brings to the table. This is followed by regular reports being forwarded to the client and seeing how positive the results are. Any negative sign would imply a change in the existing search engine optimization campaign.

You have to see the website through right there to the top and ensure that it brings in good results. This will make it clear whether you have it in you to optimize a website or not. If it is there, then websites will keep pouring in from all industry verticals and you will have t keep optimizing them all the time through different approaches.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Are the Proper SEO Metrics

To explain what SEO metrics are, one ought to explore the technical side of SEO. There are a lot of factors that indicate towards these metrics. Long term dynamics have to be understood before you get down to understanding metrics. Link baiting and building custom search engines along with rallying your communities also contribute towards SEO Metrics. There are some very prominent SEO metrics to watch out for. The visits to a website, the time spent by visitors on a particular web page, the bounce rate of top entry pages etc. are the first of three prominent metrics to have on board.    

Reverse goal funnel which gets segmented by organic searches also contribute towards the metrics. Visitor intention and internal search queries also form an integral part of the same. Then another factor would be the visits that are made by non paid keywords. These get filtered for branding or even get trademarked or copyrighted. The Google Analytics initiated ‘Intelligence’ contributes as one of the most important and proper SEO Metrics. It is a sort of a report that helps in testing the significance of the optimized website.

These might seem to be some very complicated and technical SEO term. Fact of the matter is that they really contribute to the growth of the website and help in ensuring that all the prevailing flaws within the website are taken care of well and suppressed. All of them are not visible externally but their back office importance cannot even be measured or scaled. Their importance ranks very high in the SEO scheme of things. These are some very advanced technical tools that help in measuring the growth of a website over search engines. They have to be used by technical experts, who not only ensure that the website responds well but also take care that these tools work well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Key PPC Facts by First Search Consultancy

PPC Campaigns are the best form of online advertising. One can simply advertise the keyword in the form of a hyperlink and ensure that people come on board to see the link and are able to take a good look at it. They click on it and with the click both the search engine and the advertiser get to make money. The money flows in with every click from a different URL. A PPC campaign is always successful when the hyperlink displayed on top of the paid results is viewed and visited well by multiple users. First Search Consultancy takes care of this well. It ensures that the keyword is highlighted well and people get to click on the hyperlink.

First Search Consultancy is a champion firm in advertising PPC campaigns. It provides all the features that are required of a good PPC Campaign. The keywords that the user would type in whilst searching for the service are highlighted in the hyperlink. The link gets placed on top of the search engine result pages so that it can be viewed clearly by the visitor. The visibility is good and properly highlighting the link means that the end user is able to come over and click on the hyperlink. This ensures that he is taken directly to the main page. With the click, the search engine that advertises the campaign makes money and the advertiser obviously ends up as the benefitting party.

First Search Consultancy follows certain facts while putting up a campaign. The keywords that users would enter are put into the hyperlink so that the user locates it easily. It is highlighted and placed very upwards, which is again an added benefit. All of this augurs well for the end user and ensures that the product being marketed is given good exposure.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Black Hat SEO - Don’t Play With Business

What poison does to us humans; black hat SEO does the same to websites. Try incorporating this practice for your website over the search engines and your website will get annihilated out of existence. Practice white hat SEO. If white hat SEO is Christ, then black hat SEO is Satan. Your business and your website will only grow well if you practice white hat SEO techniques. These are the ones identified and verified by search engines and said to be highly legitimate. They are highly recommended as well. The recommendation is a proof of their universal acceptance and a source of confirmation that they will be good to the website.

On the contrary, black hat SEO methods are the worst call of the day. They are highly despicable practices that are simply not even cared about. Nobody wants to practice them and hardly can anyone be heard preaching about them. They bring the website down. They finish off its credibility on the search engines. The website also stands the risk of being blacklisted by the search engines. Such is the enormity of damage that search engine have made it very clear that any website that is found out to be making use of black hat SEO techniques will be put out of business indefinitely.

Business should never be played with. It should be done well and the only way towards growth is through the legitimate way. The organic optimization methods are the best in the business and promise wonderful growth gradually over a period of time. An overnight rise will hit a crescendo and bring the whole process crashing down. The best way out for a website is through the white hat techniques. They always pay off and do the website good in the longer run.