Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Link Building Services: Quality or Quantity?

One of the biggest misconceptions whilst building links is that quantity scores over quality. More the links are the better will the SEO be. It is incorrect, a fallacy and a result of wrong research and gossip. Say this to a veteran SEO expert and you will draw a belly laugh. All links created are not equal. There are websites thriving with lesser links than the ones loaded with links. Google gives importance and significance to quality links. Links that have no substance are futile. They hold no water in the eyes of the search engine.

Link building is smartly acquiring a few quality links which serve the purpose well. The website under the hammer needs three to four quality based links that will help it connect well with the rest of the world. If these websites have a strong visitor base, then the same base can be directed towards the site. This will invariably bring it a lot of crowd.

Old links are weeds. These cogs are detrimental towards the growth of the website. They have to be taken out. The older they are, the poisonous they become. When you weed them out, you take out vermin from the system which preys on the resources. New links have to be brought in, and should be from the websites that have been highly acclaimed. When this happens, it ensures that the website will continue drawing traffic in huge numbers.        

Quantity should come in as a substitute where quality fails, something that happens rarely. When the amount of quality links you connect to your website fail to deliver, the number has to be substantially increased. The increase ensures that the website remains extensively connected and is visited by a lot of people. It will also get the popularity it deserves.


  1. I will choose Quality over Quantity. It will benefit you in the long run in this kind of business.

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