Friday, July 30, 2010

First Search Consultancy SEO Friendly Web Design

Web designs have to be very creative. They ought to have strategy in them as well. As a matter of fact, the web design that is made should be an appropriate concoction of creativity, strategy and requirement. All three factors conjure up to form an alliance that sees the design through and ensure its impact over the web. First Search Consultancy is an SEO and Web Designing Firm that prepares web designs for websites. The web designs prepared by the firm are very SEO friendly and help a great deal whilst optimizing websites over the search engines.

First Search Consultancy has been in the business for many years now and knows how to create an SEO friendly design that would suit the aesthetics of the website and would also play a part in increasing its business for good. The web design made for the website will ensure that it does well over the web and is able to create an impact on the conscience of the viewer.

The SEO friendly web design created by the user is done so because the website has to look good when a visitor comes over and should exude the right vibes. The design defines how attractive a website looks and determines whether it will have the capacity to pull in business or not. It is the web design created by the service provider that determines how appealing does the website seem to be to the end user. First search Consultancy brainstorms a lot before creating a web design. In the end, the design is a judicious blend of creativity and professional need. It is something that the user is able to associate with and the same happens well when the visitor comes on board to see the design.

Social Networking - Facebook Vs Myspace

Facebook and MySpace happen to be two of the finest social networking portals available over the web where millions of web users log in every day and exchange messages, pictures, videos and testimonials. Both are happening and both are known over the world. Which one is better? There is an answer to that. It is evident. MySpace lacks the sting that Facebook has emphatically flaunted. The former is not as exuberant as the latter. It does not have that appeal either. Facebook has had millions of users coming in everyday. The count of MySpace might be restricted to thousands.

People can relate to Facebook. Not that they do not do the same with MySpace, but the cases are not identical. With Facebook registering hundreds of thousands of users every day, social networking has never been the same. MySpace seems to have an interface which is a poor copy of Facebook. A picture, a message here and there, a video and that is all. Facebook gives you updates for everything you need. There is a proper profile you can set. You can post updates. You can update others about common events. You can do fixtures. Y0ou can post events footage.

The kind of features and facilities that ‘Book’ offers, you can never have the same in ‘YourSpace’. It is way behind it and trying to catch up. The interface is lame. You just do not get the hang of it. The energy levels are simply very low and worst of all it is so tough to post comments on forums until you really have it figured out. The participation too is very discouraging.

The debate ends there. As of now, Facebook has the lead. MySpace has to do a lot of work to stand on the same plane.