Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Are the Proper SEO Metrics

To explain what SEO metrics are, one ought to explore the technical side of SEO. There are a lot of factors that indicate towards these metrics. Long term dynamics have to be understood before you get down to understanding metrics. Link baiting and building custom search engines along with rallying your communities also contribute towards SEO Metrics. There are some very prominent SEO metrics to watch out for. The visits to a website, the time spent by visitors on a particular web page, the bounce rate of top entry pages etc. are the first of three prominent metrics to have on board.    

Reverse goal funnel which gets segmented by organic searches also contribute towards the metrics. Visitor intention and internal search queries also form an integral part of the same. Then another factor would be the visits that are made by non paid keywords. These get filtered for branding or even get trademarked or copyrighted. The Google Analytics initiated ‘Intelligence’ contributes as one of the most important and proper SEO Metrics. It is a sort of a report that helps in testing the significance of the optimized website.

These might seem to be some very complicated and technical SEO term. Fact of the matter is that they really contribute to the growth of the website and help in ensuring that all the prevailing flaws within the website are taken care of well and suppressed. All of them are not visible externally but their back office importance cannot even be measured or scaled. Their importance ranks very high in the SEO scheme of things. These are some very advanced technical tools that help in measuring the growth of a website over search engines. They have to be used by technical experts, who not only ensure that the website responds well but also take care that these tools work well.

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