Saturday, August 21, 2010

SEO is for Small Organization - True or False?

To say that SEO is for small organizations, it would be a little unfair and partisan. Every organization has a preference towards paid services like PPC, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. All of these in a way are a part of SEO. So whether small companies use the service or big organizations buy it, hardly makes a difference. The process remains where it is. All companies need this service. They advertise through PPC, promote their products through online marketing and do a lot of digital marketing so that the consumer base is able to notice the product well and shows interest in buying it.

SEO involves a lot of factors that do not see the magnitude of the organization. Link building is a facet from these services. It involves networking. Now whether the website is big or small, it does not count. What counts is the number of links it has. Similarly, PPC too is another factor. This is paid advertising. Websites and keywords are advertised in front of the world through this and shown to everyone. Again, the size of the company does not matter because whether big or small, the advertising has to happen.

All websites do digital marketing. This is where all the visibility and exposure is available, and sensing this opportunity, websites use the process extensively. The number of products that are digitally marketed everyday over the web run into millions. How can they all be start ups or highly lasting products?

These services are required across an entire spectrum of organizations. Big, small, medium all need these services to showcase themselves and attain exposure in front of a wide audience. You will go nowhere if you start debating on which is good for what! There are a lot of services at one’s disposal, just use them and ensure that you do good marketing.

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