Monday, October 25, 2010

Google AdSense: How and Why?

Google has made many companies. All the success these firms have achieved ought to be attributed to Google. Though the money they had to shell out must have hurt, nevertheless Google gave them a pedestal from where the world could see them. This happened through Google AdSense. This tool was a revelation the moment it got launched. Since then, many sites have ridden a wave of success and straddled through tough times only to wake up to better days. They have done some unbelievable business, made a lot of money and most importantly have built up a robust client base.

Google AdSense works on a very simple formula. The hyperlink is placed at the top of the search engine page. It has certain keywords, exactly the same ones typed in by end users into the search bar. These keywords are a result of some extensive key phrases analysis. The moment the end user enters them, the hyperlinks with the same come up on the result pages. If the user clicks on the link, the website administrator gets to make money with a certain percentage of it going to Google.

It got developed to give websites exposure. Text, video and image advertisements can be done through this, and revenue comes through the PPC Model. End users are given a tailor made model they just have to click on and enter the website they would want to. This click takes them to a portal where they get the service they look for. Moreover, every time a click happens they get to make money.

The hyperlink gets clicked on. It has certain SEO Keywords, the ones end users enter. These come out after an inclusive key phrases analysis. The model has been acclaimed as the best online advertising model over the years and has gained cult status. Websites count on this for business and it delivers, without a doubt.

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