Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google - An Alternative Name of Search

Search means Google and Google means Search. Sounds funny, does it not? Whether you wish to accept this or blatantly refute it, fact is that you cannot run away from it. Ever since Google came onto the picture, the others went out of business. The moment Google started showing the potential of displaying all the relevant results and web users identified this advantage, the others invariably went numb. They had flaws. Google too had its own set of flaws, but the advantages provided by it overrode all the drawbacks and convinced the end user that this is here to stay and to serve well. Since then, Google has ruled the hearts of all web users and ensured that it became an integral part of everybody’s lives.

Google has made people dependent on it completely. For every small or big thing, people always look up to Google for solutions. Surprisingly, the search engine has a solution for everything. Whether you need to know the best dress for the prom or the ingredients that might make your pudding more delicious, Google has an answer for everything.

You can search for the nearby grocery stores in your area. Search for schools and colleges available. Search for all the outlaws that have been blacklisted by Interpol. Do a search on what US President Barack Obama eats for dinner. Do a search on the latest novel written by John Grisham. Do a search on the best toilet fittings that will make you feel at ease and comfortable. Do a search on the weather forecasts around Europe. Do a search on the best universities on North America.

Search for anything and you will get it.
Search for everything and you will get it.
That is the magic of Google.

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