Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fast & Furious - Don’t Play With SEO

This is by no means any adrenaline gushing motion feature with fast cars and hot chicks! It is SEO and it is serious business. The process is Fast and the results it brings in if done well are Furious. SEO is a proven process and the results vindicate its chance of being a colossal force over the web that knows how to make heads turn. But there is a flip side to this, as there is a dark side to all the good things in this world. In the quest to finish off the process quickly, one often fails to understand that fast SEO might not always be that beneficial. It leads to a very deadly and crushing result: SPAM!      

Fast SEO is good, but should not lead to Spam SEO! When that happens, you can be confirmed about a lot of things. You can be confirmed that your website is finished. You can be confirmed that all the effort went futile and down the drain. You can be confirmed that there might be no second chance towards retribution. Indulging in Fast SEO is not a big concern, but it should not result in Spam SEO and lead to disastrous results. The whole process ought to happen very smoothly and result in all the good things that can happen to a website. SEO is a very intricate and delicate process. It has to be done and handled very cautiously. The effect it has on websites is such that fortunes change overnight and lead to a lot of good things that one can never even think of. So, more the level of caution within the frame, more are the chance of things going off smoothly. It is at the behest of the vendor the kind of features he puts in the campaign, but the same should be done within limits.

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