Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Table Less Coding - An SEO Friendly Website

Websites with table coding create a problem for search engines. The crawlers find them tough to read and they consume a lot of time. Websites where there are no tables are easy reads and one is confident that they will be read quite well. Websites with table less coding come across as potentially good websites to perform SEO on. Search engine optimization can be done easily on them as these websites are very receptive towards those processes and respond well to all the optimization work that is done and performed on them. A website with table less coding is considered to be a very SEO friendly website for the fact that the search engine crawlers are able to read it well, and pas a quick verdict on them. This is unlike most of the other websites which take eons of months to be judged.

The software code that is written while developing such websites does not get placed on any tables. It is simple code that gets written in the easiest of manners and does not have to be worked too hard upon. The search engine crawlers are very smart enough to identify this. They identify the whole thing spot on and are able to make out that the website does not have any tables and will be in a position to be optimized well. The personnel performing the SEO campaign too will be glad to do it as the search engine responds very well to all those SEO features that go into the website. He table less website is considered to be a SEO friendly website and is embraced by the search engines very openly. This structure augurs well for all cases as the website goes onto scale a lot of heights and is able to attract a lot of business.      

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