Monday, July 26, 2010

Offline Marketing Vs Online Marketing

Marketing has seen many debates happen since ages. The latest one is between online marketing, famously known as internet marketing, and offline marketing, better known as traditional marketing. The debate is about which one is more result yielding and beneficial to products, services and ideas. Both have been compared constantly and their pros and cons have been debated quite belligerently.

Online marketing, in the simplest of terms, is internet marketing. The marketing happens over the web. There are a lot of consumers coming online daily to explore about the latest services and products. They are the target audience and their attention is captured. Some of the facets involved in this channel; of marketing include the likes of affiliate marketing, display advertising, email marketing, interactive and search engine marketing and viral marketing. All of these get used in an internet marketing campaign and they all have the capacity to produce good results.

Offline marketing is reference to that channel of marketing which does not happen over the web. It can happen anywhere else through any mode or channel. One can conduct Radio Talk Shows and talk about the service highlighting its pros and telling the listeners how it would benefit them. Local Television Segments can be used to air the commercial where viewers can be shown exciting marketing promotions through compelling visuals. They will be highly excited. The marketing personnel involved in promoting the service can go to events as guest speakers and talk about their products. People listening will definitely show interest. The local business magazines and newspapers can be used to publish marketing campaigns. People read the paper and will invariably come to know about the advertisement.

Both forms have a special place in the overall scheme of things and both are important. Drawing a comparison would be unfair as both of them still get used very deeply.

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