Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Choose New Keywords Carefully

You just do not go on collecting keywords to use them in your website content. This is a task that even the MI6 would categorize as ‘highly intricate’. Technical sermons preach ‘Keywords are the building blocks of web content’, ‘the edifice on which this content gets a firm establishment’ and a few more compelling phrases that might make you scratch your Cerebrum and force you into thought. Practical wisdom says that though you do not have to waste time (as if you would really put that to good use!) reading them, it pays at times to sneak out those seconds and understand them before putting in your choice.

Technical Notions: Keywords placed well in website content ensure that web crawlers take note of them and crawl through the website in the most ostentatious manner. Search engine friendly keywords are instrumental in giving websites the cutting edge over contemporaries and target concerned audiences in affable ways. New keywords might entice, but have to be cynically understood. One ought to decipher the value they would add to the content, keeping posterity in mind. These keywords are meant to enhance the value of web content and are made such that users not only get impressed at face value but also get floored by their clarity. Since new keywords are not that regular, you get a chance to become amongst the first ones to have them and create an impact. Remember, these infants promise to add a new dimension to the existing content.

New Keywords are important. Yes, yes, yes, they are!!! There is no denial about that fact. You screw up with them and your website will be blasted by search engines into oblivion and pushed into a black hole from where even the mighty Galactus would comprehensively fail to retrieve it back.

Lesson to be learnt: Get your act right and choose new keywords carefully.

This might be a little moralistic, but then moral grounds are always safe to take. Understand keywords before you pass the verdict for short listing them. New keywords are very deceiving. Never get attracted by them, for there are a lot of blondes and brunettes out there exuding attraction. Put that technical part of your brain to work and analyze them. Think of all those that would help your website climb that horrendous ladder that already holds the record for fracturing many websites, putting them in an irreparable condition that even the best of technical paramedics have given up on.

These keywords are tricky and it becomes quite a challenge to assimilate a good bunch of them and subsequently, having them on board. Those who do succeed in accumulating a few, By God, their websites become an unstoppable colossus that simply traverses through every single competitor and reigns high. These keywords are enriching and value added tools that have to be used in the shrewdest sense. Position them perfectly and have their density right. Voila! The search engines will fall for your website and never let go of it.

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