Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and Christmas Celebrations in UK

It is that time of the year that every British National waits eagerly for. And boy, it is finally there. Now working in an organization during Christmas Eve might give you the jitters, but hey, we have the day off tomorrow! Gifts have been bought and the Santa Claus apparel and beard/moustache combo is also in the bags. Those who dress up as Santa Claus at work or at home might be able to recall embarrassing situations from the past Christ as celebrations where children come and start pinching your butt and pulling down the fake beard only for the impersonator to end up with rashes on the cheek. After all, how is it possible that you do not get mobbed but a bunch of freaky kids who desperately want to meet Santa Claus and get a feel? They start nagging about the eight reindeers on which Santa comes riding and worse, wish to take a ride on it! Good Lord, one just feels like dumping them in the convertible and taking them to the nearest ice-cream parlour!!!

At the office front, it is always exciting. For the fact that celebrations always start a week before, employees start preparing to go on a long vacation rather than concentrating more on work. But how can one simply sit down at the desk and think totally of work when the family is completely immersed in Christmas celebrations and gearing up for the festivities??? Well, that is human nature and that is the affect emotions have on you! For now, this is yours truly signing off and wishing all readers a merry Christmas! Enjoy the long holiday and have a prosperous New Year!!!

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