Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to submit new website to any Search Engine

Submitting websites to search engines is a process that has to be done in steps. All the categories need to be scaled and one has to be chosen in which the website will be registered. These categories include the likes of IT, Hospitality, Logistics etc. Choosing the very first category is often not advised for the fact that the submission might get delayed. Since the indexing happens only once, it is best to choose the category with a lot of caution. The submission form has to be filled up carefully. Even if one point is missed out, the website might have to face rejection. It will have all the details that are required for verification and to establish that you are a bona fide entity. Fill the instructions such that even the category editors struggle to find a mistake.

Choose the title, description and name of the website carefully before it is put up for indexing. Changing these things after the website gets indexed becomes a hell of a task and cannot be completed easily. Even loading the content takes up a lot of time after the process culminates. The website can be indexed in plenty of languages and the languages have to be mentioned in the submission form at the time of submissions. Avoid making use of promotional descriptions or fancy content while submitting the website. This increases the chances of the website getting denied. When the website is passed on, you have to await the message of the enterprise through whom you are submitting. It takes a few days before the green signal comes and once it does, it is an indication that it has been successfully submitted.

There are certain things that one is not supposed to do. Mirror websites should never be submitted in the first place. They have identical content and sabotage the existence of the website. URLs with the same content should also be avoided. Make sure that your website does not redirect to any other address and also never disguise your submission. You also need to ensure that your website is not the one that gets placed as under construction. Those ones that are incomplete and are under construction or have broken graphics and links are by no stretch of imagination good for the directories. If your website has affiliate links, then those links should be taken out before you put the website for submission or else, it may harm the site in certain ways.

Following all these steps would put you and your website on the right track and though it might take some time, your website will be submitted into the directories successfully and an existence will be created. Filling up the form carefully, choosing the category, choosing the title, description and format and completing a few other details would ensure that your website has been set up well. Within a few days you will get the confirmation message that your website has been established.

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